If you are one of many patients who struggle with dental anxiety, our dentists and team at Planet Smile encourage you to consider sedation dentistry. We offer different options, including conscious sedation, to meet your needs.

Conscious sedation combines anesthetic with a sedation to ensure you do not experience discomfort or fear during your procedure. To administer the sedation, our dentists may do so with an injection, intravenously, or orally. When the sedation takes effect, you should feel drowsy and experience slower breathing and heartrate. During the time you are sedated, our team will constantly monitor your vitals.

You will remain conscious during the appointment, but may be in a dream-like state of relaxation. You may not remember the events of your dental visit at all. After the sedation has been lifted, you should return to feeling like your normal self after a short time, though you may need to be driven home from our office by a friend or family member.

We encourage you to contact our dentists at 512-989-3300 today if you are interested in receiving conscious sedation in Pflugerville, Texas. Our dentists and team strive to accommodate your needs and preferences to ensure your dental visits are as customized and enjoyable as possible.